Vision & History of the Prospect Valley Ministry

There is a separate entity inspired by the property, Prospect Valley Hospitality, Inc., a Colorado Non-Profit which aids Christian Missionaries in funding residential missionary housing while in Colorado for business or sabbatical.

The ministry is the realization of the founder Kimary Marchese. It was her longing and dream to have a home large enough to accommodate her gift of hospitality and merge it with her desire to serve missionaries. She says, “A lot of people would say I must have had a lot of faith to buy the property but truthfully I had only a little faith when I bought the place and NOW I have a Lot of Faith!”.

The decades old vision of a home of hospitality for short-term missionary visits became a reality in August of 2001. The search began and a charming 1872 property with old west ambiance was found.

Many renovations were required to see the vision come to life. After 9-11 caused the original bank to back out, a financial backer was located who had one big requirement. He required that multi-year renovations be completed in one year. The challenge was accepted and miraculously met.

The conversion of the property took many volunteers. They came at just the time a critical need revealed itself. As the charming restoration took shape it drew the positive attention of the community as the new ministry came to life. The property transformed into a beautiful garden setting.

The property has a colorful history including a tavern, a grocery store and beauty shop, a gas station and possibly a Lookout Mountain Stagecoach Stop.

The first missionaries arrived from Uganda, Africa before the renovations were completed. They stayed in the main house with the founder. Then a parade of nations from all over the world followed and continues today. 

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Main House + Upstairs Apartment + Studio + Gardens + Cottage

Prospect Valley Hospitality, Inc.
10400 W. 38th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-4010
303 722-5835

The Mission of Prospect Valley Hospitality is to provide inter-denominational, supportive, loving, comfortable accommodations free or under market value, to Christian, non-profit workers visiting the greater Denver, Colorado region in the U.S.A.

People devoting themselves to benevolent work, who need short term housing, do not have to sign leases or devote precious resources to buying furnishings.  They step into this unit equipped with daily necessities and concentrate on the great things they accomplish across the globe.

In recent years we’ve hosted a family who made medical clinics for indigent people in Mexico, a family who works with the youth of Israel feeling the strain of compulsory military straight out of high school, people from Prague, Czech Republic and have a booking from Columbia for people who work with children rescued from sex trafficking.

The great service of PVH could not be offered without the support of our volunteers, prayer partners and financial contributors.  We’d love to have you be part of the exciting things being done at Prospect Valley Hospitality.

Volunteer Application


Address: _______________________________________________________

Phone #___________________   Cell phone # _________________________

Best time to contact you  __________________________________________

E-Mail address __________________________________________________

Volunteer Interest:_______________________________________________

Time Commitment:    Day(s):_________________   Time:________________

m Attached a copy of photo ID or Driver’s License

m Attached a copy waiver of liability

How did you hear about us? _______________________________________


Volunteer Needs

General Gardening  _____      Adopt 1 of 38 small flowerbeds   ___________

Welcome, Airport pickup _____      Speakers Bureau ______

Maintenance & repairs:   Painting _____,   Plumbing _____,   Electrical ____

Weekly Chapel cleaning (dusting & sweep) ______,   sweeping walkway _____

Weekly clean Missionary porch  _____      Develop/Maintain Database ______

Setting up speaking engagements & tours _____  Prayer Partner _______

Financial Support  @ $15.00 a month _____, or one time donation ________.

Please return this application with a copy of your Driver’s License or ID attached.  It can be dropped off or mailed to PVH, 10400 W. 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-4010 (or scanned and e-mailed to

PVH Provides these loving accommodations at an 1872, historic property with gardens, pond, gazebo, Garden Chapel, picnic area and parking.  All of which needs volunteers to maintain.  Thank you for your interest

Prospect Valley Hospitality
Volunteer Work
Waiver of Liability

I am voluntarily participating in activities at Prospect Valley Hospitality at 10400 W. 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, Co 80033.  The activities may include, but are not limited to yard work, painting and other kinds of maintenance tasks.  While risk is minimal and all authorized tasks are those associated with regular home and garden upkeep, I do realize that injury can occur due to my own negligence of safe behavior or accidental injury associated with physical activity.

I am participating in this activity entirely at my own risk.  I assume all related risk both known and unknown to me, of my participation in volunteer work at Prospect Valley Hospitality including travel to, during, and from this activity.  I release liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind what so ever, arising out of my participation in activities at Prospect Valley Hospitality.  I waive my claims for myself and anyone acting on my behalf and hold harmless Prospect Valley Hospitality and anyone acting on its behalf, including successors and other volunteers.

In the event that I should require medical treatment I understand that those expenses will be my own and that I should carry my own medical insurance.

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Participant print name here and sign                                                                           Date

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Legal guardian of participants below the age of 18 print name here and sign                        Date

I do  / do not   authorize photos taken during volunteer activities to be used on the internet or in print for promotion of Prospect Valley Hospitality;  For example to be posted at our Facebook site.   ______ initials of participant of age or legal guardian of minor.